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Vectorworks 2017 US (SP3) Available as of now

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Gepost 13 April 2017 - 10:25 AM

Vectorworks 2017 US - SP3
Release Notes (2017 04 10)

Issue ID
VB-93709 crash editing chain dimension
VB-95414 Changing saved view - Crash
VB-102440 Issue with the i-Pix file
VB-129854 VW crashes when creating Roadway object. (Create Road from Stakes)
VB-131586 Using the Doors and Windows Tool- Glass Clear Texture needs to be Updated
VB-131744 Roof Texture Mapping Fails in VW 2017
VB-132043 Space mapping seems incorrect
VB-132388 VW Crashes on Mac When Exiting Referenced Symbols Following Undo
VB-133461 Crash During DWG Export
VB-133679 Resource Manager: When in list view, a right-click will not select the resource
VB-133826 Column mode preview of structural member object appear different in top and rotate plans
VB-133890 VGM 2017 - objects are shown flipped in an area of file 124 during nav graphics
VB-133933 Project sharing - saying no to releasing roof results in broken roof
VB-134062 IFC Import extremely slow
VB-134248 Resource Manager Popup Doesn't get Dismissed when Clicking on Menu Items
VB-134456 Lighting device converted from screen plane symbol are not displayed correctly in Top/Plan
VB-134910 When a Dormer Walls is executed in OpenGL, the texture setting will be incorrect only the first time.
VB-134911 A texture setting on Organization is reflected to the texture of Dormer Walls.
VB-135055 loss of formatting and data links in callout tool
VB-135076 Structural Member Tool Column Mode Insertion: Column Rotated with Rotated Plan View
VB-135186 Data visualization: Lines change color depending on zoom factor
VB-135226 Data visualization: Applying gradients or image fills to PIOs fails
VB-135372 Callouts not placed as keynotes
VB-135515 Crash on DWG export in 2016 and 2017 beta 5
VB-135523 T00980: Structural Member Settings dialog is too wide when using two monitors
VB-135524 T00980: Attributes popup menu for the Center Mark has different behavior on Mac and Windows
VB-135538 Structural Member: Move a control point while holding the Shift Key should constrain linear members (incl. columns) along their axis
VB-135578 DOM: Dimension jump on wrong side
VB-135580 T00980:CUpdateSupport::OnWeilerOperation message shows if you invoke Add Surface
VB-135697 Vectorworks 2017 Viewer asks to update library catalog on launch
VB-135698 Vectorworks 2017 Viewer, under the Window menu, mentions the Resource Browser
VB-135750 The border of the Renderworks Backgrounds is black.(This issue occurs Mac only.) (non-Unified View)
VB-135783 Script Palettes For Not Respect Active File
VB-135814 T01642 - Group Inside Symbol Fails to Respond to "Include: Symbols" Option
VB-136018 Sheet Layer Redraw is Very Slow When Data Visualization Overrides are Applied to Viewport
VB-136233 T00980 Structural Member: The Setting dialog expands to its side direction.
VB-136234 T00980 Structural Member: The image in the setting dialog doesn't appear.
VB-136239 Walls as annotation of a viewport behave incorrectly
VB-136304 Structural Member- Help Text Missing from Profile Tab of Structural Member Settings Dialog
VB-136368 Structural Member Column rotation field in OIP shows odd range of values
VB-136555 OnResourceBrowserDoubleClickOnSymbol doesn't save the active resource
VB-136630 T01642 - Data Visualization Attributes Change Depending on the Zoom Level When "Include:" Options are Disabled
VB-136633 T01642 - 3D Symbol from Plugin Object Fail to Show DV Overrides in OpenGL/RW Viewports
VB-136635 Renderworks Camera Crashes When Navigation Graphics Is Set To Best Performance.
VB-136742 CWidgetsEditProvider fails
VB-136903 Double Clicking on Point Cloud Object Crashes Vectorworks
VB-136942 Opening file crashes Vectorworks
VB-136979 BIM object .dwg and .3ds download at wrong scale
VB-137016 Structural Member Beam mode stretch problem
VB-137020 Missing Psets in IFC Mapping Tool
VB-137065 recently ungrouped objects are visible
VB-137146 Localization_Custom Cabinet: VW crashes with certain steps.
VB-137231 Project sharing - unable to release layer
VB-137246 recalculation of associative dimensions do not work for values in objects that are defined by style
VB-137263 Slab Drainage Not Showing when Exporting foile to IFC
VB-137321 Moving Drain from One Slab to Another Causes Drain to get Stuck
VB-137342 VW Allows Two Viewports on the Same Sheet to Have the Same Drawing Number
VB-137349 Offset Edge Highlighting Inconsistent when Slab Drainage tool is Active
VB-137384 Subdivision Primitives export to .stl w/ flipped normals
VB-137386 Lighitng Symbols without a base part do not rotate correctly
VB-137405 Boolean Operations Fail on Property Line Objects in VW 2017
VB-137430 Main menu selection does not close a resource popup
VB-137514 Urgent IFC file Import into VW2017
VB-137519 Wall Feature Crash
VB-137520 Resource view should be cleared on type change (seach results, Mac)
VB-137529 Redraw Issue when Grouping Symbols
VB-137535 Click on spiral stair in 3D view crashes VW
VB-137547 Can't run Python script located in multi byte path
VB-137570 Structural member: Wrong result if you use the start point and selection tool to resize the object
VB-137575 Tool tip text for the Structural Member Tool Preferences has 3 dots
VB-137577 Fields in Plant database don't connect to the schedule
VB-137593 Catalog Item Edit dialog in Outlet and Drip Outlet, setting of Units is not reflect in list of Performance
VB-137594 Rectangle Object PIO Reacts Differently than in VW2016
VB-137600 "Direction arrow" of objects is not shown anymore
VB-137618 VW crashes when printing a 3D polygon and a subdivision object.
VB-137623 Round walls become invisible in version 2017
VB-137652 After Import Sketchup, if I am closing the file without saving, VW crashes.
VB-137659 Resource Manager: Cannot rename Folder if it has already been renamed
VB-137660 Callouts on Shared projects
VB-137661 Auto Hybrid: not updating after exit.
VB-137663 Elevator has wrong hole in the wall at the rear door
VB-137672 Data visualization: Color of 3D lines for hidden line rendering
VB-137675 VW2017 Should Warn The User when Importing Bad IFC File
VB-137688 Export to Web View Crash
VB-137692 Crash on opening file (Win/Mac)
VB-137693 Crash while opening a VW2016 file with VW2017
VB-137694 Adjacency matrix fails on import
VB-137700 Attempting to open the attached file crashes Vectorworks 2017 in VGM::Batch::WriteVertexAttributeStream
VB-137707 Structural member: Attributes drop down menu should be active when you turn off Use Center Mark checkbox
VB-137709 Incorrect export 3DS
VB-137710 Project Tool doesn't work with roof object
VB-137711 Vectorworks crashes if you click Don't save button when you close file
VB-137712 Slab edge:All palettes are hidden when you open Edge offsets dialog
VB-137716 Structural member: Set Attributes By drop down menu is empty in the 3D Attribute tab on Mac
VB-137723 Interior Elevation Section Lines Get Resized Incorrectly in Rotated Plan View
VB-137729 When the Unified View is turned off, an Image Prop is displayed in black.
VB-137733 Structural member: Start\End Elevation field is empty
VB-137734 Structural member: Column Height value is Determined by bounds
VB-137736 Structural member tool: Object created with Poly insertion mode changes its orientation
VB-137748 Slab Association- Slab Edge Offset Not Showing Expected Results within Wall Network
VB-137756 Structural member: If you move one of the associated structural members association is broken
VB-137757 Railing/Fence tool: Vectorworks crashes when top rail profile is set to Custom profile Convex Rectangle 35X60mm
VB-137759 Split tool crashes vw
VB-137762 General Notes: If you change layer scale the general notes are placed vertically
VB-137764 Redraw issue with title block when zooming or panning
VB-137769 Crash in DoAutoSaveIfNeeded()
VB-137772 Crash in ResourceManager::CResourceManager::GetCurrentFileRef
VB-137780 When numbering manually, lighting devices do not highlight.
VB-137781 Structural member: When you close the Structural Member settings dialog the values of Set Attribute By for 2D and 3D Attributes are changed
VB-137782 Structural member: A part of the object is visible in 3D if you create structural member using poly insertion mode
VB-137783 Structural member Start/End elevation references are not remembered
VB-137784 Structural Member: Insertion elevation default problems
VB-137786 Structural Member: Start/End control points cannot be moved in the Z direction
VB-137788 Geometry Invisible in after Revit Import Until Zooming In/Out in Document Window
VB-137791 crash in idle loop, under TControllers::Empty
VB-137794 Auto Hybrids Fail to Show Dashed Lines When Contained Objects Use By-Class Attributes
VB-137795 Crash when zooming
VB-137803 Structural member: Undo command doesn't affect the control points of the linear object
VB-137805 Localization issue: Set Hoist Number and Dimension Display dialog
VB-137806 Structural member: Cannot resize the column object in 3D view
VB-137811 VW Crashes in SP2 When Editing Hatches
VB-137815 Structural Member - In 3D view intersecting solids are failed to remove
VB-137821 Different Result With Hidden Line Rendering between 2016 and 2017 Version.
VB-137841 DashPatHandle gets corrupt after deleteing a used linetype
VB-137847 Resource Manager resource search function does not work properly with localized words.
VB-137857 Noticeable Lag When Zooming within Sheet Layer Viewport
VB-137863 FS: Vectorworks freezes during IFC Import of attached file
VB-137877 Workspace: remove Export DOE-2 command
VB-137883 DWG-import rotates certain lines
VB-137886 Structural Member Elevation Values in OIP
VB-137901 Slab Component Bounding Fails When Object is Deleted From Wall
VB-137902 VGM Crash On File Conversion from Vw 2016 to Vw 2017 : JBC
VB-137904 T01642 Data Visualization in Viewports--Color of 3D lines for wireframe rendering
VB-137922 Difficulty changing the Fixture Mode of a Lighting Device in an older version file
VB-137923 Marionette; VW Crashes when accessing wrappers
VB-137931 Crash while opening a 2016 file
VB-137941 Replace style from the OIP does not change associated dimensions
VB-137942 Pipe & Drape end bases shifting incorrectly/inconsistently in 2D/3D.
VB-137947 Update References can leave files open, blocking team members from saving changes to that file
VB-137949 Drag and Drop of Scriptfolder in RM leads to a crash
VB-137955 Zooming on DLSVP Appears Different in VW2017 compared to VW2016
VB-137959 Vision Light "Edit Vision Data" dialog text in tabs is cut-off.
VB-137961 Lighting Accessories are Placing as Static Accessories when Set to be standard Accessories
VB-137966 Resetting Plug-Ins during 'Publish' slow
VB-137967 Roof inside Horizontal Section Viewport Shows Extra 2D Geometry
VB-137976 T01642 Data Visualization in Viewports--hidden line failure of roof
VB-137977 FS: Vectorworks file is empty after IFC Import of attached files
VB-137978 T01642 Data Visualization in Viewports--Wireframe failure of curtainWall- --in 3D View
VB-137980 Texture is not mapped correctly to a mesh in Vectorworks 2017
VB-137983 Framing Member Lock End on Resize Error
VB-137989 Align Distribute tool causes crash
VB-137994 Align and Distribute Lighting Instruments causes crash
VB-137999 Roof eave is not controllable on "cut" roof
VB-138002 Edit screen Image dialog doesn't display selected image for Television
VB-138006 Rotated hatch in walls in section viewports shown wrong
VB-138019 Working File Hangs when Dialog Prompting Check Out is Supposed to Display
VB-138022 T01642 Data Visualization in Viewports--Color of 3D lines in symol for hidden rendering -3D View
VB-138024 Endless Loop of Dialogs After Failure to Update Catalog
VB-138031 Worksheet RunScript command executes 1 extra time
VB-138033 SetVPClOvrdFillFore and other SetVPClOvrd....... command not working?
VB-138035 Simple Beam Calculator crashes Vectorworks
VB-138039 VW crashes on double-click on text object when locus and text object are selected
VB-138043 Space Number Style [Causes Crash]
VB-138048 VW2017 Crashes when Inserting Two Slab Drainages within Test File
VB-138050 VW Crashes in SP2/SP3 When Replacing Deleted Texture While Rendered in OpenGL
VB-138053 data visualtion with boolean record field strange behaviour
VB-138055 Structural Member: Linear object isn't visible when it's drawn in 3D
VB-138056 Structural Member: Preferences dialog opens very slowly(Mac only)
VB-138058 Crash while changing texure filter color
VB-138070 Data Visualization update issue
VB-138076 Not possible to move the dimension text if it's over a wall
VB-138078 Drag and Drop a VectorScript in the RM doesn't update the scriptpalette
VB-138082 Crash after delete some layers and zoom
VB-138093 Structural Member: Center Marker and Center Line should always be centered on the member regardless of profile offsets
VB-138097 Structural Members Can't be Moved Along the 3D Axis in SP2/SP3
VB-138098 Poly insertion mode of structural member geometry fails in 3D when default column height is set to different value
VB-138106 Vectorworks crashes when using the Align tool in the spotlight menu
VB-138113 using Set 3D Rotation on a lighting Instrument
VB-138117 T01704- Typing Seems Slow When Filtering List of Objects in IFC Data Mapping dialog
VB-138123 User Origin Shift issue
VB-138124 CLONE - Arrow heads on arcs do not display in SLVPs
VB-138125 Plant Data created with old version can not be maintained.
VB-138126 WindowsCW not exported correctly to IFC as soon as sun protection is used
VB-138128 Rename of classes doesn't show correct in Working File
VB-138130 Project Sharing - free Layer can't be checked out "You are attempting to check out objects that are checked out to other users"
VB-138135 Crash while switching to OpenGL
VB-138140 Resource manager top icons appears to be off center (sprite coordinates are wrong?)
VB-138142 Icons in Resource Manager clipped using computer's highest resolution and default/recommended text scaling
VB-138144 Area predefined label choices would not display the information properly on localized version.
VB-138146 Some values for a Plant object are now unable to modify from a worksheet (schedule).
VB-138148 VGM Crash During File Navigation
VB-138156 Arc Objects do not Show Markers Correctly in Viewports
VB-138158 Space Object Energy Include In Calculations Field Not working as regular boolean field
VB-138164 With edited Viewport class setting VW crashes while zooming
VB-138170 Crash on save & Commit
VB-138175 Editing the text of a duplicate callout crashes vectorworks
VB-138181 Crash when rendering object in OpenGL
VB-138196 SkyPanel Lighting Instrument Detaches from its yoke when 3D Orientation is applied
VB-138201 Angular Dimensions are defectiv on sheet layers
VB-138211 Some Resources in Custom Cabinet Can't Be Retrieved In Localized Chinese Vectorworks
VB-138216 Attached File crashes Vectorworks 2017
VB-138232 When Project Sharing, Object-Level commits don't include comments
VB-138259 Project Sharing - drawing in the attached project file slow
VB-138260 Object From Shapes not working in case of too many commands in workspace
VB-138269 Roll Angle on Framing Members does not Adjusted 2D Views
VB-138278 cropped DLVP draws uncropped if crop is panned offscreen
VB-138288 Text in Scaled Worksheets imaged too small on Image Export
VB-138293 Resource Manager Search only returns Plants
VB-138298 The command "Locate -Ressoure- in RM" change the default settings of the RM
VB-138321 If you create hardscape from a 2d shape, the 3d does not show until you change the depth
VB-138327 Count of plants is wrong when not using the "PlantDataExtended" model
VB-138339 Duplication of Wall Component Is Unstable
VB-138345 Crash when editing DLVP crop
VB-138356 IFC export of an important BIM project (hospital) fails in 2017
VB-138363 Updating References takes too long
VB-138365 Edit Curtain Wall Tool: virtual frame not selectable in 2017
VB-138371 VW2017 shuts down when downloading BIM object.
VB-138372 Subscription libraries do not appear in the Resource Manager palette.
VB-138373 A Texture of the roof is not displayed.
VB-138375 If Project" tool of the "Add" mode is executed to a created roof
VB-138377 When VW is launched in a high security network, launching is slow.
VB-138380 Create Corrupted Dimension too easy
VB-138381 User Origin Shift bug
VB-138382 Energos: Export sets show empty dialog
VB-138391 Localized functions and criteria in worksheet not working correct
VB-138399 Create Texture from Hatch not available in Resource Manager context menu
VB-138404 Space Tool crashes Vectorworks
VB-138405 Project Sharing - Layer suddenly two times in drawing
VB-138406 Wrong imported geometry (DWG)
VB-138408 Open GL texture Crash
VB-138417 IFC export of real project not working in 2017 anymore
VB-138420 *Crash On File Conversion to 2017 Caused by Space Objects
VB-138421 Opening a 2014 file crashes 2017
VB-138423 Custom Shapes of StructuralMember not working at all
VB-138424 Unexpected shift of user origin
VB-138425 File is Crashing Vectorworks when Trying to Update a Reference
VB-138433 Stair Tool - Straight in Top/Plan crooked in Top
VB-138441 When OK button on the Page Setup dialog is clicked, VW crashes
VB-138455 File With Symbol Crashes Program When Exporting to DWG
VB-138460 Incorrect geometry of stair
VB-138512 File Crashes or Fails to Open in VW 2017
VB-138522 ProjectSharing problem when editing symbols (wrong stacking order or missing instances)
VB-138535 Segment Length and Segment Thickness are not displayed on Landscape Area Settings.
VB-138539 Base Cabinet door: Swing Left/Right bottom reveal is off by 1/2"
VB-138542 VW crashes when drawing a Structural Member on a Slab.
VB-138543 Wrong textures will be applied on Stage Deck.
VB-138546 Screen Redraw slow for Viewports with Data Visualization
VB-138547 Dialog not showing which fields used for current data visualization
VB-138554 Bitmap Disappears After Zooming
VB-138558 Marionette Localization script should update the scripts in the nodes from the referenced .py files before writing out the strings
VB-138561 MEP related IFC tags
VB-138563 Structural Member Tool Prefs: Story level bounding defaults lost after inserting member in Linear Mode
VB-138582 Hardscape and Plant Tool Content Browser: Does not show User Folder or Workgroup Folder Content
VB-138587 Editing Surface Hatch J dimension crashes Vectorworks in VGM::MaterialMgr::DeleteMaterialAndFixObjects
VB-138593 OIP multiple selection of styled walls is broken
VB-138630 Revise resource structure of plant objects
VB-138639 VW crashes when aligning or distributing Lighting Instruments.
VB-138646 IFC Import in some cases incorrect (story heights wrong)
VB-138649 General Lagginess in Specific File
VB-138652 Import OBJ does not consider document units
VB-138657 Import OBJ files does not consider user origin
VB-138669 BIMobject is available in VW Fundamentals Workspace Editor
VB-138686 ICF export-Pillars fails to export
VB-138687 Copying or Duplicating a Multi-Circuit Lighting Instrument makes the resulting copy non-multi-circuit
VB-138688 Structural Member Tool issues
VB-138704 3D Geometry in Showing up in 2D view of lighting instrument
VB-138710 The Accessory Insertion Tool is inserting devices as "Static Accessory" even when their Light Info Record lists them as "Accessory".
VB-138721 Libraries Do Not Install 2016 MacBook Pro's Only
VB-138727 Problem exporting DWG 2000 from Vectorworks 2017
VB-138735 In Fit Walls to Objects the shape of the wall in some case be incorrect.
VB-138737 Project Sharing: import user rights from PS file broken
VB-138739 Python error when parameter holds a hyphen character
VB-138752 VP data visualization: dialog doesn't display existing Record Field name and values
VB-138753 VP data visualization: settings can't be saved (or can't be recalled)
VB-138765 Section Viewport shows slab wrong
VB-138767 Attribute Mapping tool is executed and When the texture set to the object is edited on resource manager, VW Crashes
VB-138771 Crash while editing a hatch
VB-138772 Door CW or export problem (wrong 2D representation in Solibri)
VB-138773 Ungrouping structural member in 3d views, resulting object fails to show in top plan
VB-138790 Crash while zooming
VB-138794 VW Crashes When Attempting to Update Reference Inside Referenced Symbol Edit Mode
VB-138814 Project Sharing Refresh Fails With Incorrect Message and Crash
VB-138821 Referenced Design Layer Viewport - Rendering opposite on arcs
VB-138822 Crash while using split tool
VB-138823 Crash while editing a gradient --crashed in DeleteMaterialAndFixObjects
VB-138824 Crash while editing a hatch--Crashed in DeleteMaterialAndFixObjects
VB-138842 Space; GSA Ocupancy not up to date
VB-138844 IFC Data Mapping: "ByStyle" button cannot be turned on
VB-138846 IFC Data Mapping: Missing remove/delete buttons in the dialog
VB-138847 IFC objects dissappearing
VB-138848 IFC Data Mapping: IFC-Data Dialog not working properly if "True" and "False" are localized
VB-138850 IFC Data Mapping: "Universal names" instead of "localized names" are exported to IFC (columns)
VB-138851 IFC Data Mapping: "Use" columns in this dialog do not work at all
VB-138852 Record formats cannot be used as custom Psets if one of the fields is a pop-up
VB-138855 Crash on Mac after the folder rename
VB-138860 Import IFC incomplete
VB-138865 Export Webview: Upload to web doesn't work
VB-138878 IFC Data Mapping: Symbol name mapping is ignored under certain circumstances
VB-138879 AHA:IFC Data Mapping: Difficult to map BOOLEAN fields
VB-138885 IFC Data Mapping: Missing "Manage Custom Property Sets" button in mapping dialog
VB-138890 File crashes on open--crash in Batch::WriteVertexAttributeStream()
VB-138893 Structural Members Get Placed Incorrectly in 3D Views When Story Bounding is Enabled
VB-138899 Crash Bug in CB_CreateWall - attempt to access variables/functions of NULL pointers
VB-138900 IFC Export can't be opened in Solibri
VB-138908 Ifc COBie Export; Space Category wrong Mapping
VB-138909 Lightwright data exchange does not export when first enabled.
VB-138927 Elevator: The hole for the rear door doesn't change its height if you change the elevator height
VB-138941 Arc's Arrowhead Disappears in Viewport
VB-138942 Internal Elevation Marker Problematic in Rotated Plan View
VB-138944 Duplicating a Spotlight Lighting Instrument with an attached accessory detaches the accessory in the resulting instance
VB-138954 Resource Manager behaves different on Mac and Windows
VB-138968 File Not Opening in Vectorworks 2017 due to Arc edge case
VB-138972 Not possible to convert the attached file
VB-138982 Screen redraw of Viewports that has "Data Visualization" turned on is dramatically very
VB-138984 Under certain circumstances an IFC file cannot be opened in Solibri (problem with additional data of slab)
VB-138992 Design Layer Viewport - Data shown outside of Crop
VB-139029 File crashes when exported to DWG
VB-139031 Structural Member Cannot move vertically nor show steel sizes
VB-139032 Odd 'plate' added is added to Structural Member beam
VB-139046 a bitmap in a symbol appears in center of drawing in EPSF export on Mac
VB-139096 Import IFC takes extremely long (or crashes)
VB-139099 The centerline of the Structural Member is always visible
VB-139101 The object "Roof Face" has no IFC data in the OIP
VB-139105 Export IFC - Windows are exported at a wrong position (outside the wall)
VB-139127 About Create Report, can't select the "Append to existing worksheet" on the Create Report Options dialog.
VB-139129 Instant crash when double clicking a script palette name in the Resource Manager
VB-139150 Problem with a tile creation in non-active document
VB-139157 Structural member: There are disabled popups although the checkboxes are turned on in the Settings dialog
VB-139159 VW Crashes When Changing Active Record Format in Data Visualization Dialog
VB-139163 Speaker hatch not displaying
VB-139174 Import dwg, Fills seem to be missing
VB-139175 Import OBJ incorrect
VB-139186 IFC Data Mapping: IFC File cannot be opened in Solibri Model Checker because of UPPERCASE characters
VB-139319 Vectorworks Crashes When Creating A Slab While In Open GL Mode.
VB-139325 Opening the attached file will crash VW in the shadows rendering code while doing Final Shaded polygon mode
VB-139333 Structural Member Elevation Error
VB-139346 missing 3d geometry on Roof Drain Small Area (entire range of sizes)
VB-139347 Import fails if folders have the same name but different types
VB-139352 Irrigation Manual Calculation lost
VB-139359 Project Sharing: stacking order of objects with fills not committed into PS file
VB-139360 Slow zooming and panning with Data Visualzation and Walls
VB-139387 Keynotes completely broken
VB-139390 Irrigation: setting Row Spacing to 0 causes crash
VB-139404 Wrong Export IFC of Windows
VB-139424 Delete Leader Line contextual menu options doesn't delete callout's leader line
VB-139426 Not Responding state after downloading new online resource library catalogs.
VB-139428 Vectorworks Adds Orphan Lights
VB-139429 A Leader Angle of callout created by the previous version is displayed incorrect.
VB-139430 Improved DWG / DXF Export of cropped Viewports from Sheet Layers
VB-139436 Data of Walls and Slabs cannot be saved if IFC4 is chosen
VB-139445 Stair - rail, top of Ballast not sloped with rail
VB-139451 Sometimes adding a dimension to a vertical chain dimension will cause the dimension to flip
VB-139466 Crash in ReshapePolyToolPointAdded
VB-139467 Project Sharing: Layer visibility of viewports are committed wrong
VB-139469 Ifc missing IfcBuildingElementProxyType
VB-139477 Editing Renderworks textures in this file crashes 22.0.2, but not 22.0.3 beta crashed in DeleteMaterialAndFixObjects
VB-139482 IFC Data Mapping: [Style.Name] mapping do not work for Door CW and Window CW
VB-139490 Structural Members created in Poly mode always rotated to ground plane
VB-139495 Resource Manager not filtering visibility of some resources properly
VB-139513 Ifc Data Mapping; Formula field limited visibility
VB-139528 File tree does not update if a Saved view created
VB-139530 [ProjectSharing] Placed symbols become 3D Locis
VB-139531 Editing this lighting device causes crash
VB-139534 Objects in viewport disappearing after a reference update
VB-139543 Blended Screen "Size (pixels):" in OIP, not responsive to settings
VB-139580 WindowsCW not exported correctly to IFC as soon as certain wall opening is created
VB-139622 Project Sharing: Changes of SLVP (annotations, crop) are not received/comitted properly
VB-139624 Align and Distribute item Tools
VB-139631 Lighting device, Gobo wheel crash
VB-139658 Roof Object has no linework in Top/Plan View in a Design Layer
VB-139677 IFC Data Mapping: Classification of Walls/Slabs cannot be exported to IFC under certain circumstances
VB-139690 Selection/Pre-Selection Highlighting Fails on Some 3D Object Types in Recent SP3 Builds
VB-139699 When "Refresh" of "Project Sharing" is executed on Windows, the edited object is not displayed.
VB-139705 Changing layer scale in a file with referenced layers crashes VW
VB-139760 Ifc Data Mapping; Records do not synchronize
VB-139768 Structural Member Interactive Preview Shows the Wrong Axis Alignment
VB-139771 Structural Member Columns - Unable to Constrain 3D Resize Operations to the Z-Axis
VB-139776 You can't manually change the length of lighting pipes
VB-139791 Structural Member: On insertion, Cut Plane elevation is set to design layer when "Cut Plane" is deselected for that layer
VB-139794 Structural Members - Start Bound Doesn't Allow "Story Above" Bounding, End Bound Doesn't Allow "Story Below"
VB-139796 Structural Member: Top Plan graphics do not regard cut plane
VB-139802 Structural Member: Story Bounding in Object Info palette not consistent with Structural Member Settings dialog
VB-139813 Structural Member: Linear mode insertion offsets from associated members
VB-139840 file crashes when opened in 2017
VB-139847 When a symbol is replaced through the OIP, it loses its record information
VB-139863 Unable to turn off "Drop Shadow" in an object in Wall.
VB-139872 Structural Member: Vectorworks crashes if you use 3D symbol for Custom Member type
VB-139875 Structural Member Tool - Improve handling of zero-length members
VB-139880 Structural Member Tool - Resizing columns causes them to rotate
VB-139955 Vectorworks crashing when updating reference file
VB-139971 File Crashes After Updating Reference
VB-140141 VW crashes when user clicks the "save" button
VB-140180 Giant dialog for structural member tool on windows
VB-140200 MP Rotator Corner and 3500 not in catalog
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