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Vectorworks 2017 US (SP4) Available as of now

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Gepost 30 June 2017 - 08:56 AM

Vectorworks 2017 US - SP4
Release Notes (2017 06 29)

Issue ID
VB-92786 Section VP will not display planar hatches
VB-93670 Object hilight, object handles, data bar flashing
VB-97062 Smart Cursor Settings Dialog's "Distance" Settings Get Reset to "0" When Dialog is Cancelled
VB-98150 Vectorworks crashes on deletion of a Design Layer within the test file
VB-98798 Horizontal SVPs do not update when section lines are moved.
VB-100680 The bounds shown for a Surface Array object during 3D flyover using Control + left click are too big.
VB-101574 Heliodon preview will not sync between different layer scales
VB-102368 Hybrid Symbol, "Hob Gas 595x530" becomes corrupt, when exporting back to Vectorworks 12
VB-102490 VS hRotate() causes symbol to change 3D planes
VB-103840 Zooming on Tiled Auto-Hybrid Object Appears Choppy within Test File
VB-104929 Snapping does not work in OpenGL for Rotate Tool - Alignment Rotation mode
VB-105436 Auto-Hybrid - Fails to export in IFC when inside a symbol
VB-106878 Undo Crash With Cropped Layer Link
VB-107819 CropImg: If you edit a crop in a 3D view, the feedback is not correct
VB-108019 Simple Line Styles (dashed) "fuse together" and appear solid on screen.
VB-108072 CropImg: Double-click on Cropped Bitmap fails to enter Edit Crop mode.
VB-108092 CropImg: SHow others does not work in Edit Crop Mode.
VB-108099 Planar Object Desapears While Zooming when Used as a Crop
VB-108155 CropImg: Cropped Bitmap does not draw on gray layer.
VB-108173 CropImg: If you delete the crop inside Edit Bitmap Crop mode, the screen does not get refreshed fully.
VB-108262 CropImg: Push Pull works on Cropped Bitmaps. It should not.
VB-108303 The HighLight Selection Box is inconsistent with some of the Shell Object.
VB-108400 Too Much Preselection Highlighting Present in OpenGL with Objects Grayed Out
VB-108429 Rectangular Marquee Selection Causes VW To Crash Within Test File
VB-109018 set planar object screen plane fails (ovPlanarObjIsSrceen)
VB-110497 Crash while using Pan tool in OpenGL mode.
VB-110510 Reshape tool - Moving a Groupnode with 3D objects using Marquee does not draw the 3D objects in the new location.
VB-110724 Walkthrough Tool: Pressing modifier to look around keeps walking if it is pressed while walking.
VB-112192 One time crash, opening test file then zooming
VB-112587 Zoom Percentage Fails to Update in Un-Cropped Perspective Views
VB-112921 Refresh Problems With The Grid
VB-113967 Decimal Precision Sometimes Changes on Mirrored Polygons (Mac Only)
VB-115028 Invoke Zoom in VP Annotations Crashes
VB-115389 T01289 UI Review: References in task doc to T01282 should be removed.
VB-115513 Section planar graphics change fill color when 2014 file is opened in 2015
VB-116085 Rotated top view is not displaying in Standard view pull down menu.
VB-116196 3-D Hatches in hidden line viewports should not be selectable
VB-116429 Hatch lines missing on roof face
VB-116811 Zoom tool single click mode not working on Windows
VB-117272 Hidden Line Rendering Shows Extra diagonal Lines rendered withn 3D Model
VB-117309 Selection Indication Flashes.
VB-117553 OnDeleteDelete association does not work
VB-117610 Movie export re-renders main screen for every exported frame, resulting in very slow export process
VB-117653 Top/Plan Graphics and Plan Orientation Fail in Complex Test File
VB-117858 Unable to open an exported Solar Animation movie. (Heliodon)
VB-118244 Editing inside group is redrawing the screen 100 times
VB-118892 Significant Drop in Pre-Selection Frames per Second
VB-119485 Door geometry fails to export properly to IFC
VB-119650 'Simple Beam Analysis" test file crashed on open once on my mac10.7.5
VB-120151 IFC: Incorrect export of window sill geometry
VB-121615 Tiny Geometry Appears While Zooming in Viewport Crop (Regression--Mac Only)
VB-121853 VW Crashes in 2016 When Selecting Round Walls
VB-123819 Objects ( within clip cube) Shift after Creating Section Viewport and Returning to Design layer ( Regression from VW2015)
VB-125588 Export 3D PDF error
VB-125599 T01571 - A filleted extrude has holes on the corners when exported to a 3D pdf
VB-126350 Export 3D PDF is missing from the Export Menu
VB-126706 Subdivision: Asymmetric Scaling does not work correctly.
VB-126970 Application crashes if you attempt to add a new working plane without an open document
VB-127422 Ungrouping Section Lines Gives Different Results Based on their Direction
VB-129095 VW Very Slow When Creating a Sheet Layer Section Viewport Rendered in Hidden Line (with 'Display Planar Objects' enabled)
VB-130266 Point Cloud Plug in Causing VW2016 to Crash on Load
VB-131940 VW Crashes after Changing Roof Edge Shape and Performing Undo operation
VB-134287 Cropped Viewports are difficult to select
VB-135942 File Corruption after "saving as" with this File
VB-136296 SpaceNavigator- View Reverts to Top/Plan Using Object Mode Navigation
VB-137646 add vertex to extrude along path causes crash
VB-137871 Convert Planting Area changes all hatches are changed to solids
VB-138081 Corrupt Grade Objects
VB-138870 Existing Tree german customization not working
VB-138950 Open Recent Bug in Workspaces
VB-139104 The file name is not displayed completely in "Open Recent" command menu.
VB-139536 Exported PDFs Considerably Larger in 2017 SP2 vs 2016
VB-139691 Wall inserted objects; attached record not visible
VB-139701 Class Visibility Issues with Wall Style Components
VB-139746 Worksheet function GETSPACENUMFOROBJ and GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ very slow
VB-139803 Crash in parasolid code inside CreatePolylineFromWireBody
VB-139931 In Create Interior Elevation Viewport, script error occurs due to the 5c character.
VB-139998 Immediate crash on Windows 7 - Klick with middle mouse button
VB-139999 Elevation of objects in walls not correct
VB-140009 IFC Export: Auto-Hybrid objects are moved to the origin
VB-140019 Symbol Preview for Active Symbol Does Now Work.
VB-140036 IFC import - solid subtraction breaks after editing
VB-140165 Export DWG missing objects - VW2017 SP2/SP3
VB-140177 DWG Import crashes VW
VB-140194 There is no bottom face of the first step of created circular stairs
VB-140228 Landscape Area - Inconsistencies with OIP 'area' value and plant 'count' vs plants displayed
VB-140239 Export of Symbols with "Wall Hole Components" to IFC / No.1
VB-140240 Export of Symbols with "Wall Hole Components" to IFC / No.2
VB-140256 Ifc COBie Export; IfcFurnishingElementType COBie ToolKit Error
VB-140356 Save and commit with release crashes
VB-140380 DWG Import Fails to import 3D objects in 2D/3D Only
VB-140390 Replace Symbols Doesn’t Replace Record Formats in 2017
VB-140430 Dragging A Marionette Node Into The Drawing Area Crashes Vectorworks(Mac Only).
VB-140442 About Export Web view, Objects that set the texture displayed black when outputting locally or exporting in preview.
VB-140445 DWG Import Crash
VB-140461 Multiple Space Labels Break After SP3 Update
VB-140466 Characters that behind a particular code character in SJIS display incorrectly after copying and pasting.
VB-140468 IFC Model displays with bizarre extrudes when referenced
VB-140495 Unprompted Extrusion of IFC-based 2D/3D objects
VB-140497 Performance (navigation) problem of DLSVP because of in wall rotation option of hatches
VB-140499 VGM "Best performance" run out of memory when DLSVP are visible
VB-140515 Import DWG into Working file crashes VW
VB-140520 ExtVSFuncPlantRoutines.cpp: Hardcoded strings have Mac encoding, but should be Unicode
VB-140549 Using REPLACE in the OIP doesn't replace truss record info
VB-140567 Lighting Instrument moving
VB-140600 Data loss when converting localized pre-2017 German plants
VB-140610 Export Database doesn't work if Record Format is in a folder
VB-140613 Enable Cut Plane shows curtain wall wrong
VB-140614 Crash may occur when replacing wall styles reiteratively.
VB-140618 Caching Issue in both Design Layer and Viewports
VB-140628 Dimensions don't display correct values of German doors and windows
VB-140657 Curtain Wall looks wrong as soon as layer cut plane is turned on
VB-140699 Crash in CreatePolylineFromWireBody
VB-140709 activate more than one in a wall inserted PIOs do not allow to edit attached record format
VB-140734 Crashing roof
VB-140788 Localization bug of Fixture mode in german version
VB-140873 Landscape Area localization issue with german Umlaute in Plantdatabase
VB-140889 Crash when importing a DWG file
VB-140905 Interactive display/cursor is broken for dragging a screen plane object in 3D view
VB-140946 T01744 - When showing the resource browser from the OIP, selecting view options dismisses the browser window
VB-140956 Cable Tools Labels Not Aligned with Polyline
VB-140964 VW crash caused by LineType while Zooming
VB-140982 Rotate a group with a dimension leads to a broken dimension
VB-140985 Crash while zoom
VB-141003 Project Sharing lck File keep blocking vwxp
VB-141019 The attached DWG file crashes VW immediately upon trying to import it.
VB-141026 Not possible to duplicate a wall style
VB-141028 Ceiling Grid tool has no default IFC tag and does not export
VB-141054 Export EPS created too thin lines.
VB-141120 corrupt file displays layers at wrong levels
VB-141134 crash in ModernTools.Cursor
VB-141181 Vectorworks crash after calling gSDK->ConvertObjectToPolygons
VB-141196 Export IFC: Symbols with mirrored content get mixed up in IFC
VB-141198 Export IFC: Mirrored symbols gets mixed up in IFC
VB-141225 Walls don't export to IFC when on roof layer
VB-141276 About SG,The license may not be released and the correct number of clients may not be started.
VB-141315 Vectorworks crashes if you click Cancel button in the Detail Callout Graphic Options dialog
VB-141335 Can't import this ifc-file
VB-141349 DWG Export - Problem with linestyles in SLVP
VB-141456 workgroup reference cache 12 GB data size
VB-141517 Slabs change shape when association with walls is lost
VB-141586 VWX files getting alot bigger with SP3.
VB-141935 Changing layers of many objects at the same time causes Vectorworks to crash.
VB-142059 Export PDF Causes Bloated Files When Exporting Grayed DLVPs with "Black and White Only" Enabled
VB-142105 VW crashes when trying to import 1 DWG file using the import one or more files command.
VB-142177 Project Sharing: SDK changes to FormatNodes are not committed
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