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interiorcad 2018 FR (F5) Dorénavant disponible

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Gepost 02 August 2018 - 07:07 AM

Release Notes interiorcad / interior xs 2018 F5
Features / Improvements compared to interiorcad / interior xs 2018 F4

* Contour 3D - Define Approach / Departure / Onset / Outset right in the OIP of the object
* Custom Part 3D / Cabinet 3D - Option to specify cross veneers / grain direction
* Custom Part 3D / Cabinet 3D - Support for black symbols containing Cabinet 3D / Custom Part 3D
* Leg Levellers - Place legs based on inner or outer edge of Cabinet 3D's sides
* Performance - Improved document loading time
* Performance - Cabinets with grid drillings regeneration lagged

NC / Exports

* NC-Export - Machine configuration is now displayed as a tree view
* NC-Export - Direction of dado was different for left and right side of cabinet
* NC-Export - 5-axis driller used router properties (instead of driller tool properties) (woodflash)
* NC-Export "Classic" - Improve UNICODE handling in NC template "Classic" formulas
* Export - # of drawer bottom / back is not calculated properly
* NC-Export - Improved warning message if interiorcad log files are opened with external applications (e.g. Word or Excel) while
NC-Export is running
* NC Macro 3D - Changes to macro parameters in OIP are only reflected in the object after Custom Part's regeneration
* NC-Export / Cutting lists - Finished size is not calculated properly for Custom Part 3D with continuous edges


* Cabinet "Classic" - Handle couldn't be removed from Cabinet "Classic"
* Cabinet "Classic" - Back height for Antaro drawers wasn't calculated properly
* Custom 3D - Copying Custom Part 3D to clipboard sometimes generate ghost objects at world origin
* Custom Part 3D - Edge is not displayed properly even if texture is set explicitly
* Cabinet 3D - Front gap is not properly calculated for some angular cabinet shapes
* Cabinet 3D - Hidden dado on Cabinet 3D's continuous bottom / top wasn't created properly
* Cabinet 3D - Undo problem while inserting drawers - assert
* Cabinet 3D - Connectors are not connected on first regeneration of container
* Cabinet 3D - Starting grid from back / top won't work under some circumstances
* Cabinet 3D - Height of stretcher is not displayed properly in front design preview
* Cabinet 3D - Back recess wasn't calculated properly if a front stretcher is present
* Cabinet 3D - Placing hinge on side instead of front places mounting plate on wrong side of partition
* Cabinet 3D - Resizing a cabinet crashes if fittings are removed in the process
* Cabinet 3D - Resizing cabinet does not resize drawer (if contained in symbol)
* Cabinet 3D - Crash after creating a worksheet-based cutting list and inserting a symbol in the drawing
* Cabinet 3D - Using a custom bottom distance while inserting a Drawer 3D object doesn't place front fixings properly
* SQL Error 19 upon opening document and crash afterwards
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